The Colter Run is the culmination of the Rendezvous. All of the skills and knowledge that the boys have gained will be put to the test during this race. Scouts form teams of 4 to 6 boys. There are nine challenges through out the race. Four challenges are competed by the entire team working together. These challenges include the Hugh Glass Relay, Fire Starting, "keep your powder dry", and two other surprise events.

The remaining challenges are to be competed by the most skilled individual of the team. A different team member must be chosen for each of these four challenges: Blackpowder, Archery, Hawk Throwing, and Knife Throwing. Teams are encouraged to use their time Saturday morning to determine who will compete in these four challenges.

The Colter Run is a timed race. A team must complete all of the challenges as quickly as possible. How well they do does not matter, only that they complete the assigned task.